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Now then. I’ve done a few events in my time, from lecturing at the Royal Geographical Society to an hour-long book signing at Aberdeen airport during which I signed not a single book (but pointed a couple of people towards the check-in desks). This one is different....

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Bernard had first got in touch a few years ago after he'd read and enjoyed Attention All Shipping and since then we've become good friends. Hence I was delighted and honoured when he asked me if I'd help him write his autobiography. As will be evident when you read...

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The summer of 1990: the World Cup, World In Motion, Big Jack’s Army and all the rest of it. I’d come back from my first year at university needing a job to tide me over until the autumn and I got one – washing up in the kitchens of Bromley Hospital. The work was hard...

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I can only ever recall one occasion where Chris Powell lost any of his composure. It came during a pre-season friendly at The Valley in 2000 when Charlton played Serie A side Vicenza a few days after the drowning of 17 year old Charlton youth team full-back Pierre...

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“Elk Stopped Play is a universal pleasure and a hugely enjoyable reminder of a game which combines unquenchable enthusiasm with incomparable eccentricity. And it’s good to know there is barely a corner of God’s earth where you can walk without at least some chance of...

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Nat Clifford is not a household name. In fact, given the scattergun distribution of pseudonyms he favoured he probably wasn’t even a household name in his own household. Yet what we know of the global adventure that was Nat Clifford’s life makes him well worthy of...

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New Year’s Day, 1924. Wreckage from the French airship Dixmude, which had exploded over the Mediterranean before Christmas, begins to wash up on the coast of Sicily. Rain-deluged Paris is on flood alert as the Seine inches further upward with each tide. Laszlo, a...

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