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You can read the opening instalment of this sweaty saga here, and find out why I'm putting myself through this here. Look at that face. Yes, yes, I know, devilishly handsome and inexplicably youthful and all that, very kind of you to say so, but it’s also the face of...

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As some of you will already know I’m running [sic] the Bath Half Marathon this year in aid of the Alzheimer’s Society. My brilliant dad is now permanently in a care home in Bath as a result of the disease and if I can raise a bit of cash to stop this happening to...

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WG Grace, who died a century ago today, lived through extraordinary times. He was born in 1848 as revolutions and a wave of hope swept across Europe and the world and died in 1915 just as it became clear that the war in Europe was destined to be the most devastating...

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Scroll down for a link to buy this book. When I was a kid I used to walk past the house in which WG Grace spent the last years of his life on my way to and from school. It got to the stage where he practically became my imaginary friend, something I wrote about in The...

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To buy this book scroll down to the link at the bottom of the page. Don’t be fooled by the cover – this isn’t just a book for your nan. It’s the story of my great-grandparents Harry and Nellie Greenwood (who also part-inspired Attention All Shipping) and the...

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A MEETING IN A MEETING ROOM Editor: OK, I can’t sit on this any longer – we’ve got a new Harper Lee novel! Sales/Marketing person 1: Harper..? Editor: Harper Lee! To Kill A Mockingbird! Sales/Marketing person 2: OK... S/M1: Is there not already a book called that?...

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When I came across my grandfather’s brother while researching the family tree and learned he’d been killed in Flanders a week before the Armistice aged nineteen, he was news to me. However, when I mentioned great-uncle Edward to my dad and discovered his own uncle was...

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